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Terms and Conditions for Deposits

For all equipment sales, Signmaster Systems Ltd will take a none-refundable deposit that will form a contract between the buyer and seller, please see below.


Trading Standards Refunds and Deposits

What if I have paid a deposit?

Sometimes when you agree to buy something you may be asked to put some money down to secure the item. This is usually known as a deposit. It means that you are entering into a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT, with the seller, for the goods.

It is a sign of good faith that you have agreed to make a purchase. If you change your mind for whatever reason a trader DOES NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOU YOUR DEPOSIT BACK.

IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR REASONS ARE – loss of job or bereavement for example. (n.b This differs for mail order – see ‘What if the Retailer Fails to Supply’).

You could even be esued by the seller for more money, up to the FULL PRICE of the goods or services ordered. This would depend on whether the goods were specifically ordered or made for you, or if they were a stock item.

For example, if a dress was specially made for you and you cancelled because you changed your mind, you would be liable for the cost of the dress if it could not be sold to someone else.

If a trader agrees at the time an order is placed that a deposit is refundable, GET IT IN WRITING, for example on the back of your receipt – it may save problems later on if you decide not to go ahead.

This may already be in the terms and conditions of any agreements so read them carefully.


What if the Retailer Fails to Supply?

If the shop or company is unable to keep their part of the deal, for example they may be unable to supply the model, size, colour, deliver them on time or if the goods are faulty then you are entitled to your deposit back and any other reasonable cost you may have incurred as a result of the sellers breach of contract with you.


For the full terms and conditions please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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