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In addition to expanding the print area to 508 mm width by 330 mm in length, we have introduced a powerful new UV-LED lamp which dramatically increases productivity and overall performance. With the LEF-20, small-lot printing on demand is now easier than ever to achieve. You can print directly onto products to create personalised souvenirs, novelty goods, industrial parts, consumer electronic items and even produce packaging prototypes. To further increase your profits, the LEF-20 features a unique ink configuration that includes high-quality full-colour printing, plus white and clear inks for premium special effects.

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  • Larger working area than LEF-12, up to 508mm x 330mm and 100mm high
  • New LED lamp for fast UV curing
  • 72 ready to use textures, adding luxury and distinction
  • Advanced ECO-UV ink, and optimised print control technology to bring greater productivity
  • Personalise phone-cases, pens, jewellery, gifts etc
  • Uses white and clear gloss inks
  • Prints 3D textures and embossing by layering varnish
  • No warm-up time required
  • Prints directly onto plastics, leather, glass, paper and card
  • Includes Roland’s VersaWorks design software
  • Supplied with the Roland Texture Library
  • Roland OnSupport for remote software updates
  • Roland Academy training and Care Service Agreement

greater print area imageGreater Print Area and Productivity

The LEF-20 features a significantly expanded print area that is approximately twice that of our previous model,* allowing you to print directly on objects up to 508 mm width, 330 mm length, and 100 mm in height. At 20 inches wide, the LEF-20 combines a new, more powerful UV-LED curing system, advanced ECO-UV ink, and optimised print control technology to bring greater productivity.Twenty built-in media settings are available as presets, allowing you to instantly select just the right settings for your most popular jobs.

exceptional print qulaityExceptional Print Quality

Because the integrated UV-LED lamp instantly cure ink during printing, the LEF-20 can print directly onto materials such as PET, ABS, polycarbonate and TPU, as well as soft materials such as leathers and fabrics. Roland Intelligent Pass Control, our advanced printing technology, enables exceptionally smooth gradations and solid colours with virtually no banding in all print modes to deliver outstanding image quality with sharp images and text.

special effect phone casesPremium Special Effects

The LEF-20 comes equipped with VersaUV’s proprietary clear (gloss) ink. This ink allows the LEF-20 to produce premium quality prints with gloss and matte finishes, as well as thick prints with multiple layers of clear ink. For jobs involving transparent or dark coloured materials, the LEF-20 features advanced ECO-UV high-density white ink and optimised print control technology which together yield approximately 1.4 times the opacity of our previous model.

LEF front with open lid

User-friendly Operation

The LEF-20 features an enclosed airtight cover to protect the operator from UV light and prevent dust from settling onto the surface of materials while printing. Also, the LEF-20’s flatbed design automatically adjusts the distance between the print head and the surface of the material for optimum results.

Versaworks software screen shotIntuitive Roland VersaWorks Print Management Software

The LEF-20 includes Roland VersaWorks® software, which features an intuitive interface for easy operation and job management. Roland VersaWorks® allows the user to choose from two print modes, generic mode for printing fine detail, and distance mode for printing on curved surfaces. Variable data printing is also available, making it easy to personalise printed objects with serial numbers and names.

LEF front view with example applications

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