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OKI ColorPainter Ink W54s W64s

OKI IX Full Solvent Ink

The IX ink range is compatible with the OKI ColorPainter W

  • Yellow (500ml) - IP5-311
  • Magenta (500ml) - IP5-312    
  • Cyan (500ml) - IP5-313     
  • Black (500ml) - IP5-314    
  • Light Cyan (500ml) - IP5-315    
  • Light Magenta (500ml) - IP5-316
  • Maintenance Kit CV - IP5-290
  • Wipe Cleaning Liqid Set - IP5-291
  • Cap Cleaning Liquid Set - IP5-292
  • Storage Liquid Kit - IP5-203
  • Cleaning Liquid Set - IP5-294

Download IX Ink Safety Data (COSHH) Sheets:
Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Black - Light Cyan - Light Magenta 

Maintenance Kit - Wiper Liquid - Cap Liquid - Storage Liquid - Cleaning Liquid

OKI GX Full Solvent Inks

The GX ink range is compatible with the OKI ColorPainter W

  • Yellow - IP5-301
  • Magenta - IP5-302
  • Cyan - IP5-303
  • Black - IP5-304
  • Light Cyan - IP5-305
  • Light Magenta - IP5-306
  • Neon Yellow - IP5-451
  • Neon Pink - IP5-452

Two new special inks for the ColorPainter W series printers provide you with the ability to generate custom digital graphics for a whole new application - blacklight graphics! Introducing new Neon Yellow and Neon Pink, the world's first* solvent-based fluorescent inks for wide-format digital printing. These new inks expand the capability of any ColorPainter W series printer so they can create exciting new graphics for blacklight posters and banners in night clubs, casinos, laser tag facilities, bowling alleys, arcades, special events, parties, sporting venues, retail POP and amusement parks. Print UV fluorescent graphics today with your standard ColorPainter W printer on your standard solvent substrates - nothing could be easier! Why don't you help your business stand out with blacklight signs and graphics using the new Neon inks from OKI?

*According to our research

Download GX Ink Safety Data (COSHH) Sheets
Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Black - Light Cyan - Light Magenta - Neon Yellow - Neon Pink


To place an order call 01948 662669 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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