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Graphtec FC2250


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Graphtec FC2250  

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  • Enables monitoring of the entire surface during cutting
  • 6 models available to suit a variety of needs
  • Cuts harder and thicker media than friction-fed models
  • Built-in Automatic Registration Mark Sensing system
  • Cutting force of up to 1kgf
  • Multiple registration mark correction for highly accurate repetition
  • Tool lineup for cutting thick paper and cardboard
  • Segment area correction accounts for skewed prints
  • Simple creasing function
  • Includes Cutting Master 2 software for use with Illustrator or CorelDraw
  • Broad range of optional blades and acessories to handle differentmdia

Choices to suit you and your business

Succeeding Graphtec's popular FC2230 lineup, the FC2250 series large-format cutting plotters are advanced flatbed models for cutting and creasing applications. This type of cutter enables the operator to monitor the entire design and cutting result as it is being processed. The FC2250 series is well-suited for cutting thick and/or hard material that cannot be processed by friction-feed cutting plotters. This includes media such as reflective film, foam sheeting, cardboard, oil board, and sandblast resist rubber. The FC2250 also performs as a precision cutter for producing highly intricate vinyl signs and photo mask artworks.

6 different models are available, each with a different table size and hold-down method, allowing you to select a model to suit your particular needs. A variety of choices are available including three variations in the size of the cutting area, single or dual tool/pen heads, two cutting forces, and three material hold-down systems to best suit the applications and material stock size needs for various industry requirements. A broad range of cutting blades and compatible blade holder accessories are optionally available to accommodate the variety of material being processed.

Three material hold-down systems are available:

1- Magnetic hold-down system provided on the MG models is the economical option for processing relatively thin and rigid material as material is held along the outer edges.

2- Electrostatic hold-down system provided on the ES models is the versatile and intermediate choice when relatively flexible sheets are included in the target material as it holds the entire material surface by static electricity.

3- Vacuum hold-down system found on the VC models is the ultimate option for processing thick and heavy material such as corrugated cardboard, card stock, or PVC sheeting up to approximately 40mm thick.


ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system

Four-point registration mark sensing and X/Y-axis correction uses high-precision positioning to ensure accurate cutting of graphics that have been skewed or distorted during printing. Layout instructions are sent together with the cutting data for designs printed using layout functions such as set in a RIP, enabling continuous detection of registration marks for cutting. This feature is excellent when high accuracy is needed when cutting an array of copies. 

Automatic registration mark detectionARMs Systems diagramClose uo of ARMS System

The first registration mark is detected automatically, eliminating the need to position the head to the registration mark manually. Subsequent registration marks are automatically redetected even if marks are not immediately found, saving the time of starting over.

The ARMS System ensures excellent repeatable accuracy and streamlines the cutting process by automatically picking up registration markings


Segment area correctionSegment area corrections diagram

The intermediate registration marks in horizontal direction are detected to allow four-point correction for each individual segment area. This enables high-precision positioning of the whole area of prints that skewed during printing process.

High-speed and precision digital servo drive system

The precision digital servo system incorporated in the FC2250 series delivers a top cutting speed of 12"/sec (300mm/sec), 0.0001" (0.0025mm) mechanical resolution, and 0.004" (0.1 mm) repeatable accuracy, ensuring smooth and accurate cutting/plotting of designs on a variety of material.

Segment Area Correction accounts for distortions in printed media


Four user settings for productivity and versatility Cutting master 2 software screenshot

The user-friendly control panel with a LCD display window provides intuitive setup and operation. Up to four application-specific user settings can be programmed via the control panel for instantaneous recall and setup execution. The type of cutting blade/pen, cutting offset value, cutting/plotting speed, cutting pressure, and quality can be independently programmed in each of four user settings depending on the type of material and design. Once the desired user settings have been programmed, the on-board, non-volatile memory will maintain those settings until they are reprogrammed. The programmed settings are saved for single-key-stroke selection, minimizing setup time to enhance job productivity and flexibility.

Full software support

Registration mark commands are provided to control ARMS functions from your software applications such as the Cutting Master 2.

Cutting Master 2 software is included to integrate with Illustrator or CorelDraw


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