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One machine, countless possibilities. Introducing the most versatile flatbed cutting system ever!



 With the F Series, Summa's advanced engineered cutting tables are capable of cutting sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock. Up to three tools can be inserted at one time on the multi module tool holder. Changing tools is quick and easy with Automatic tool recognition, combined with digital and mechanical depth and/or pressure control, precision cutting is ensured for a wide variety of materials.

The F series base unit comes equipped with a drag module and Summa's revolutionary optical camera marker recognition system for accurate contour cutting of printed flexible or rigid substrate materials.

Multiple material handling options ensure optimal workflow for roll, sheet and board material.
Pneumatically driven media advance clamps hold the material down while pulling it forward in order to work continuously in panels or multiple jobs.
The roll support with media flanges keeps the media aligned for correct loading.
Thanks to the conveyor system, material is also fed while cutting through.

  • One Machine, Countless Possibilities
  • Summa : this is 'the most versatile Flatbed Cutting System ever'
  • Designed to meet the growing needs of sign and graphics professionals
  • Capable of cutting roll media, sheet and rigid materials
  • Multiple material handling options ensures optimal workflow
  • Pneumatically driven media advance clamps
  • A wide range of varying tools are available


Available Modules

The Tangential module is the most powerful and most flexible module: it offers a vertical force of 12 kg and corresponds to a whole range of matching tools. Each tool has its own barcode ID that ensures automatic recognition and parameter setting.
For each application, an according tool can be installed on the tangential module.

The Kiss Cutting Tool is able to kiss-cut the most demanding roll-material with the highest accuracy.

The Cutout Tools are able to cut through: the Single edge cutout tool is appropriate for most detailed cutting (eg. in vinyls, thin cardboard, …). The Double edge cutout tool ensures minimal wear while cutting in tough materials (eg. magnetic, textile …) and the Heavy Duty cutout tool is suitable for thicker materials (eg. softboard, carpet, …).

The Electronic Oscillating Tool is most suitable for corrugated cardboard and foamboards.

The various Creasing Wheels make folds in a variety of cardboards.

The Drag module is a super fast module for making notations with pens or kiss-cutting a wide range of materials with a pressure of 600 gr. using a drag knife.

 Available Tools


range of tools



Routing Option
Routing option close up

The Router module is capable of milling most used solid boards in the graphic and sign industry, such as hard foam PVC, acrylic and aluminium covered foam boards. The module has a 1 kW motor. The router also includes a vacuum cleaning kit to take away the chips and dust.


Available SoftwareAxis control software logo

Axis Control is standard delivered software that gives full control over Summa's cutting table at your fingertips. The optimized design for touch screen control makes Axis Control the optimum interface for the machine operator. Thanks to Summa's remote controller, the operator is even free to move around the table while changing the basic settings.

SummaFlex is a front-end application with job preparation, post processor and import plug-ins for CAD and illustration software (e. g. AutoCAD, Illustrator, Axis control screen shotCorelDRAW). The software integrates the Summa table perfectly into your workflow. It is the perfect link between your design station, RIP station, printers and cutting devices.
Once the workflow is set up, macros automate the process. Consequently the operator's handling before starting the next job is reduced to a minimum as well as the downtime of the table.
SummaFlex Pro has all the goodies of the standard version plus support for optical camera recognition, allowing for maximum flexibility in positioning marks and increased accuracy when contour cutting.


Safetysafety beamsafety beams diagram

The Safety Pack assures maximum security. A laser-beam system surrounds the table and controls the area. The unit can work with full power in production mode, while when put into operator mode, machine settings can be adjusted.

Media Basketmedia basket image

Can be installed at a later time
Detachable and moveable
The textile basket can easily be separated from frame for easy disposal of waste.

Extension Tables
extension tables

Dimensions: 180cm x 90 cm
Height adjustable to cutting table surface
Foldable for compact storage
Surface is 18mm particle board covered by durable HPL and reinforced with metal beams.
Can be placed in front and/or in the back of the F1612 for handling long boards.




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