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Smooth graduation is easy with the 16bit rendering

16 bit rendering generates smoother gradations resulting in finest quality for outstanding prints.
16 bit rendering maximizes the output potential of all your Mimaki JV series inkjet printers. 

8 bit rendering8 bit rendering


16 bit rendering16 bit rendering

Continuous print and cut (Available only for CJV-30Series)

Cut data and print data created by Illustrator and FineCut7.5 can be combined so both the print & cut processing can be done from within RasterLink Pro4.
Cut condition is easily settable from the “cut setting” submenu of RIP.

[Drying time after printing]
Delay of start cutting time after print can be set.

[Heat temperature after printing]
Pre/print/post-heater can be turned off during cutting.

[Outer frame cut]
The outer frame cut of image as rectangle is possible.
Cutting speed and pressure can be set in cut condition. In addition, offset value is also settable here.

[Print & Cut operation window]

Print and cut operation window



[Sub-menu of cut setting]


sub-menu of cut setting


White layer printing

Mimaki's original white-layer printing helps to create more vivid images on transparent materials. This is made possible by printing a white layer either under or over the CMYK layers.

white layer printing

The white layer can be printed either under or over other layers.

The white layer area can be customized to suit the job design.

The white and colour layers are printed simultaneously for more precise layer registration.


Even for beginners, its easy

On the job list, thumbnail index is displayed and you can quickly recognize the required job. As the set conditions can be checked sensuously on the preview window, you can perform the work smoothly even if you operate for the first time.

job list preview


Job list preview/display of thumbnail images is easy to understand.







layout view

You can check the layout view, rotation, scaling up/down, mirror view and also the arrangement of multiple one jobs.








Arrange multiple jobs to save on wastage


Multiple different jobs can be freely laid out on the same media and printed. This can decrease the waste of the media and shorten the working time.


Set-up for more than one printer

You can make more than one PS printer (virtual printer) on which different printing conditions and editing conditions are set. When making a print from Illustrator, if you select necessary PS printers, the already set printing conditions and editing conditions are set as initial setting. Further, multiple number of hot folders in which printing conditions and editing conditions are set and the corresponding files can be stored.


Colour replacement function which is conveinient when using special colour like white.

A function to change one special colour of the data with the ink colour designated by the user. For example, when you designate "white", if you designate spot colour with the Illustrator, then the designated colour can be changed to white.


designate spot colour

Before replacement / Designate spot colour with Illustrator.








example of operationExample of operation/ The spot colour is replaced to white ink with RIP. You can perform the colour replacement with your visual sense.





Profiles that will decide the optimum conditions depending on media

unique profilingMounted with unique profile enabling you to establish the best printing conditions without making detailed setting. Only by selecting a profile corresponding to the media, the optimum temperature of the intelligent heater or feed correction will be set, and vivid expressions in primary colours and sharp colour prints much desired for sign graphics can be made. Needless to say, custom setting according to the request is also possible.






Versatile Editing functions of Rasterlink PRO5


Head and tail reversion of neighboring tiles
The colour difference at the time of printing between left and right edges can be controlled to the minimum.

Cut-line Printing

This is a convenient function to print the cutting line on the outside frame of the tiles.

Optional arrangement of tiles

You may arrange it at the centre of the media or at any other place you desire.

Colour adjustment

Colour adjustment of bit-mapped data and vectorial data can be performed independently.

CMYK holding

At the time of Colour matching, CMYK data of primary couloirs will be printed without reflecting the colour matching to prevent colour haze of the colour.


You may print a part of the image. You may decide the scale of the trimming, revolution, mirror, or moving which is convenient when you need colour samples.

Copying and nesting

This is a function to print the same image more than once. The margins as well as the direction of copying may be set.


The same image is printed without space. As it is also possible to move the image as you like, it is suitable for wallpaper etc. printing.

Automatic execution

When automatic execution is set in RasterLink Pro5 SG
Jobs sent from the client application to RasterLink Pro5 will start printing automatically. Therefore, manual operation in RasterLink Pro5 SG is not required.

Print Information Label

Print information such as print mode and edit conditions will be printed at the top of a job when printing. This function conveniently confirms print conditions on print samples.

Indication of progress status

Processing status of RIP, the elapsed time and estimated time to complete the works will be displayed.

Stand-alone operation

Since this equipment can work as stand-alone, initial setting as well as installation is expected to become simpler.


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