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UV Ink Transfer

NEW for the LEF series! The new DigiTRANS printing material enables you to effortlessly transfer your UV printed graphic onto any glass or ceramic item via a standard heatpress. DigiTRANS UV – A Simple solution for a difficult problem.

It’s really simple.

You need to print glass or ceramic mugs and you only have your UV printer at hand.
Utilizing DigiTRANS UV printing material as well as our Patent-Pending procedure, you can now transfer your UV printed graphics on any glass or ceramic item via a standard heatpress. This inexpensive producure is simple, and requires no extra hardware or software.

In order to print the paper like substrate, it’s best to combine the DigiTRANS UV process with the DigiVAC Vacuum bed for the LEF range of printers.

DigiTRANS UV - a simple solution for a difficult problem.

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