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Vacuum Bed

The DigiVAC is a simple add on for the Roland LEF20 desktop UV Printer. It is designed to be added on to the bed of the LEF quickly and easily in order to enable the user to print on thin substrates ranging from transparent film to adhesive vinyl.


Your LEF 12/20 doesn’t have a vacuum bed. You need to print some graphics on very thin substrates, or a lenticular print that needs to be extremely precise.

Enter DigiVAC, a simple add-on that allows your LEF to immediately have a vacuum bed that will allow you to print even the most difficult of substrates. Not only that, you can also section off the zones that you don’t wish to have the vacuum active to create an even stronger vacuum on only one or two zones of the bed. The DigiVAC is self-powered and is made from the finest European materials. Even though we price it through the roof.
DigiVAC - a simple solution for a difficult problem.

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