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Roland VersaUV LEF12

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Roland VersaUV LEF-12

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  • Compact and easy to use
  • Roland UV-LED inkjet system
  • Affordable, complete short-run UV printing solution
  • Prints onto 3D objects up to 100mm (3.94”) thick
  • Personalise phone-cases, pens, jewellery, gifts etc
  • Uses white and clear gloss inks
  • Prints 3D textures and embossing by layering varnish
  • No warm-up time required
  • Prints directly onto plastics, leather, glass, paper and card
  • Includes Roland’s VersaWorks design software
  • Supplied with the Roland Texture Library
  • Roland OnSupport for remote software updates
  • Roland Academy training and Care Service Agreement

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True Multi-Media Capability

Designed for short-run bespoke production, the LEF-12 can print onto glass, leather, paper, card and a wide range of plastics such as PET, ABS, PVC and polycarbonate. The ink cures instantly during printing, preventing running or smudging.

Impact Imagingprinting on headphones image

The LEF-12 excels at printing ultra-sharp bespoke designs onto an incredible range of items, including pens, headphones, flash-drives, wallets, small display cases, plaques, photo-frames and more.

3D Texturing and Embossing3D texturing on phine cases

By layering Eco-UV clear varnish, translucent or coloured 3D textures can be printed onto objects up to 100mm (3.94") thick, lending an unbeatable aesthetic appeal to phone-cases, business-card holders and many other products.

Eco-UV or Eco-UV S flexible UV curable inks

Featuring Roland’s Eco-UV or Eco-UV S flexible UV curable inks, you can print four colour CMYK plus white plus clear varnish to achieve a tough, long-lasting and high quality result. Clear varnish can produce both a matte or high-gloss finish and delivers improved scratch resistance for outdoor durability. It can also be built up for 3D textures and embossed effects such as Braille


3D Printing

Printing on 3D objects paves the way for limitless applications in your business, extending the realm of your printing from flat substrates to the third dimension. Roland’s UV-LED inkjet printer, the LEF-12, allows you to print on 3D objects with a height of up to 100 mm (3.94”). Taking full advantage of Roland's printing knowhow, the LEF-12 will enable you to create added-value personalisation and originality to a vast range of popular consumer items.

Equipped with long-life LED UV-curing lamps, the LEF-12 requires no warm-up time, making it efficient to use and cool to the touch. Because the integrated UV-LED lamps instantly cure ink during printing, it can print directly onto materials such as PET, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, PS and other plastics, as well as leather, glass, papers and card stocks. The flatbed construction of the LEF-12 automatically adjusts the distance between the print-head and the surface of the material for optimum printing results


VersaWorks® professional print management software


Supplied complete with Roland’s highly intuitive VersaWorks® professional print management software, users benefit from variable data printing, as well as from the Roland Texture Library featuring 72 ready to use textures that can be applied to designs by layering Eco-UV clear varnish. VersaWorks® handles files created using industry-standard design software packages such as Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW®.

The LEF-12 supports two print modes. Standard mode is ideal for printing fine detail. Distance mode is more suitable to print on objects where the surface is not level. Users can switch between the two modes with ease. Endless personalisation options are available with the LEF-12. Simply load a CSV file or standard data file for continuously printed serial numbers or product names.



Clear Varnish

The inclusion of Roland’s clear varnish enables users to produce unusual and creative textures on all materials. Among the advantages offered by the LEF-12 are high-grade gloss and matte finishes as well as 3D “impasto” effects that can be created by stacking many layers of clear ink. The LEF-12 offers 72 ready-to-use texture patterns, all of which are easy to incorporate into a design. With just one click you can create high-value exquisite, appealing and unique effects for your customers.

The LED curing technology means it can be used in conjunction with delicate materials which, traditionally, have been difficult to dry efficiently. The LEF-12 includes a safety hood to protect the operator from UV light during operation and a screen to prevent dust falling on the surface of materials whilst printing


Eco-UV High-Density White Ink

The LEF-12 is compatible with Eco-UV high-density white ink in addition to full four-colour CMYK inks and clear varnish. The versatility of white ink delivers innovative text, logos and images onto coloured
backgrounds. Use white ink as a base coat to add vivid colour printing on transparent PET base materials, or as a primer on darker materials. Being an inkjet printer, the LEF-12 dispenses with the time-consuming conventional platemaking process. This means it can deliver small batch jobs or just one item without a lengthy set-up process.

All this functionality comes with Roland’s OnSupport for remote software updates and production updates, bespoke training at the Roland DG Academy and the support of a Roland DG Care Service Agreement. The end result is the complete solution at a truly affordable price

LEF-12 image with application examples



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